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We can provide you with offices, industrial halls and technical equipment including:

Production and storage areas starting from 300 square meters

Office spaces starting from 100 square meters

Production halls with integrated offices, staff and technology rooms

Flexibly sized industrial halls and office areas

Representative equipment to meet your specific requirements

Fiber to basement internet connection with transmission rate of min. 100 MBit/s

Statements from our tenants

  • “We came to the Hüttenwerk Industrial Park back in 2003 when we were looking for new premises for our event equipment company.

    Even if we need more storage capacity than leased we can always talk to our neighbours and lease additional storage space in short order and without much ado.”

    Michaela Tischler | Tischler Veranstatungstechnik
  • “In Michelstadt, we are engaged in the manufacture, processing and packaging of medical products under controlled conditions.

    We took the decision for the Hüttenwerk Industrial Park because the overall package of quality, location and price was just right for us.”

    Michael Nielius | Relopack GmbH
  • “The Industrial Park management provided us with highly suitable rooms and even allowed us to design them ourselves.

    That has ultimately tipped the scales in favour of this location.”

    Rainer Neff | Gefahard Industrieelectronic GmbH
  • “Here, we have everything we need – short distances, large areas, good infrastructure.”

    Theodor Harling | KARO Kustoffzerspanung
  • “Currently, we are growing at a pace of 20% per year. That means we have to successively enlarge our operating space which is quite easy to do here.”

    Michael Mendel | Almit GmbH

Hüttenwerk Industrial Park, Michelstadt

The Hüttenwerk Industrial Park in Michelstadt is one of the oldest industrial locations in the southern part of Germany. The cradle of the local industry, it is a place where industrial history and entrepreneurial tradition have been written for more than 450 years. According to historical documents this industrial location housed a smelting plant as early as 1554. Since 2003, the Hüttenwerk Industrial Park has reflected the structural changes in the local industrial landscape better than any other location in the region. The Industrial Park is currently home to approximately 20 companies from a dozen industries. Together, they lay the foundation for a new structure that does not only cover a wide spectrum from classic crafts to specialized manufacturers and suppliers for big industry but has also attracted companies directly addressing end customers with their products and services.

Internationally successful companies from the metal industry share the same address with companies specializing in electrical equipment and plastic products. Other tenants include companies from the medical, pharma and control technology sectors as well as logistics providers. Several companies have been around since the early days of the Industrial Park.

Comprising a total area of 35,000 square meters, the Hüttenwerk Industrial Park contains a mix of twelve production and storage halls in various sizes as well as 1,500 square meters of office space. This is complemented by ISO Class 7 clean room facilities, manufacturing centres and other technical equipment owned by tenants. One of the great benefits of this industrial location is that it can accommodate each tenant’s specific requirements regarding the size and characteristics of leased spaces as well as lease terms. With its mix across various sectors the Hüttenwerk Industrial Park aims for quantitative diversity. The success is obvious – this diversity helps to fire up entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship and shape the special character of this location.